Study visit to Senegal

Length of program July 6-13, for 3rd and 4th year students.
CoordinationDr. Òscar Mateos
Price 270€

Study trip 2019, Dakar (Senegal)

This trip is aimed at becoming both a practical experience for those students attending (or that have attended in previous years) Seminar VI (Introduction to Sub-Saharan Africa) and for those International Relations students that might be interested in experiencing a first approach to an African reality. In the seven-day visit, the student will be able to observe, discover and discuss many of the most significant dimensions of African politics and African international relations. The visit will provide conferences with important social and political actors, with intellectuals and academics, as well as cultural and historical visits. The students are expected to prepare in advance the contents and materials for most of the conferences and visits that will take place. Likewise, they are expected to have a proactive attitude during the trip and to write a short essay discussing some of the issues observed once the study trip is completed.

Target audience

  • Participants: Minimum 10, maximum: 15.


6-13 July 2019


French and English.

Registration fee*

  • With 10 students: 270€
  • If 15 students enroll: 200€

(*) This registration fee includes the sessions and backing offered by local and Blanquerna faculty. Accommodation, plane ticket, food, visits, local transport, insurance, and vaccines are not included. This fee also provides for 1 ECTS optional credit at FCRI (upon submission of a mission report).

Application procedure

Send the enrollment form before March 22 by email to professor Oscar Mateos


enlightenedThose students that have taken the seminar on Sub-Saharan Africa -in the current year or in previous years- will have priority with regard to joining the program. The rest of the participants will be selected on the basis of the “first come, first serve principle”. A waiting list will be created.

Students selected will be notified on March 29 and need to transfer before April 3 the corresponding fee on Blanquerna bank account. If no transfer has been received, the admission will be canceled automatically so that students on the waiting list can enroll. Once enrolled no reimbursement will be possible, except for emergency cases.


Disclaimer: What follows is a tentative schedule of the activities that are currently being planned. It only serves as an indicator of what you would be doing these days: It is not a final programme, so no claims can be based on this programme.

Day 1: Saturday 6

  • Departure from Barcelona: 2pm at Barcelona airport.
  • Arrival at Dakar’s Blaise Diagne International Airport at 19’30.
  • Accomodation at our place.

Day 2: Sunday 7

  • Morning-Afternoon: Historical visit to Île De Gorèe (known as the location of the House of Slaves - Maison des esclaves).
  • Evening: Getting to know Senegal and Dakar.
  • Special supper with local specialists that will introduce us to the Senegalese history, culture and religions.

Day 3: Monday 8

  • Morning: Getting to know Dakar: Visit to the University of Dakar. Meeting with members of the Social sciences Department to discuss social and urban challenges of the city.
  • Afternoon-Evening: Meeting at the Spanish embassy. Meeting at the International Crisis Group headquarters at Dakar.

Day 4: Tuesday 9

  • Morning-afternoon: Social movements, protests and social change. Workshop with Aisha Dabo and other social activists on the main social and political transformations that the country and the region is undergoing.
  • Evening: Special supper with local specialists that will introduce us to the Senegalese history, culture and religion.

Day 5: Wednesday 10: Sam-Sam (Pikine)

  • Visit to Sam Sam (one of the most populated and interesting banlieues in Dakar). Meeting with Ferran Sans and Carles Gil from Piaristes Senegal.

Day 6: Thursday 11

  • Morning: Visit at the United Nations Development Program headquarters.
  • Afternoon: Discussion with International NGOs based in Dakar on the main developmental challenges.
  • Evening: Special supper with local specialists.

Day 7: Friday 12

  • Morning: Visit at the CEDEAO/ECOWAS Headquarters.
  • Afternoon: Meeting with local representatives of the Muslim and Christian communities
  • Evening: Farewell supper

Day 8: Saturday 13

  • Morning: Shopping and final arrangements
  • Afternoon-evening: 5pm Dakar’s Blaise Diagne International Airport
  • Arrival at Barcelona airport at 3am.

*A trip to Saint Louise (4-5 hours trip by car) is under consideration. Saint Louise would provide us the possibility of getting to know a rural area, one of the most charismatic and relevant Universities in West Africa and to different talks and interesting meetings with local associations. We should leave very early in the morning (arriving there in the mid-day), holding some meetings both in the afternoon and in the next day in the morning, and return trip in the afternoon of the second day.