Human Rights Course at United Nations in Geneva

Length of program July 1-5, 2019
CoordinationOnno Seroo
Price 750€

Blanquerna United Nations Human Rights Course 

From June 24 to July 12, 2019 UN Human Rights treaty and charter bodies will meet in session at the (United Nations Offices in Geneva (UNOG). The Human Rights Council will hear special -thematic- procedures and the Universal Periodic Review adoptions of New Zealand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Chile, Yemen, Vanuatu, FYROM, Comores, Uruguay, Slovakia, Eritrea, Cyprus and the Dominican Republic. At the same time the UN Human Rights Committee, reviewing the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, will examine state reports from Mauritania, Netherlands, Paraguay and Tajikistan.

The Blanquerna United Nations Human Rights Course will take place from July 1-5, 2019 in Geneva and aims at giving students the opportunity to become effective observers of and participants in the session meetings of these human rights mechanisms and witness cooperation projects related to State’s reviews, thematic studies and NGO advocacy. Meetings with staff of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Permanent Mission to UNOG, International Organizations, NGO, think tanks and substate actors will be scheduled.

Target audience

Students and Alumni of Blanquerna International Relations.

Degree participants

Minimum 10, maximum 15.

Course instructors

Joshua Cooper, director Human Rights Institute, University of Hawaii i Onno Seroo, director International Relations Degree, Blanquerna FCRI Professor of Blanquerna International Relations Degree (to be determined).

Course Fee

With 10 students enrolled, the fee is 750 Euros. With 15 students enrolled, the fee is 500 Euros.

  • The fee DOES include: Professors’ classes and training, accreditation and entry to United Nations, Course certificate, 1 ECTS optional credit at FCRI (upon submission of a final mission report, for undergraduate students only).
  • The fee DOES NOT include: student travel to/from Geneva, food, student insurance, student transport, student housing Students are expected to self-organize travel and housing. Admitted students will be sent a list with affordable housing possibilities. The course is a not-for-profit initiative. An information session, with Skype connection with Joshua Cooper, director of the Hawaii Institute for Human Rights, will be organized tentatively before April 15.

Application procedure

Send the enrollment form by email to professor Onno Seroo



Whereas 4th-year students effectively graduating from International Relations degree and Master students of International Relations, as well as the Master's degree in International Journalism, have priority, other participants will be selected on the basis of the “first come, first serve principle”. A waiting list will be created. The students admitted to the UN Human Rights Course will be notified as soon as possible, before May 1, 2019, and will be given the corresponding administrative indications. 

Annex: Tentative Course Programme*

Sunday, June 30


Monday, July 1 

Morning: OHCHR- Accreditation and briefing. Introductory briefing. Attendance UN Human Rights Council. Lunch meeting. Meeting with OHCHR Staff.
Afternoon: Attendance UN Human Rights Council. Meeting with NGO. 
Evening: Wrap up. Supper.

Tuesday, July 2 

Morning: Daily Briefing. Attendance UN Human Rights Council. Lunch meeting. Meeting with PM (Colombia) to the UN and WTO.
Afternoon: Attendance UN Human Rights Council. Meeting with NGO. 
Evening: Wrap up. Supper.

Wednesday, July 3 

Morning: Daily Briefing. Attendance Human Rights Committee. Lunch Meeting with PM ( Netherlands/ Spain).
Afternoon: Attendance Human Rights Committee, Meeting with NGO.
Evening: Wrap up. Visit NGO/IO.

Thursday, July 4 

Morning Daily Briefing. Attendance Human Rights Committee. Lunch Meeting with Delegation. 
Afternoon: Attendance Human Rights Committee. Meeting with NGO and PM
Evening: Wrap up. Visit PM/ IO in Geneva. 

Friday, July 5

Morning: Daily Briefing. Visit ILO /UNICEF. Visit and lunch at UNOG.
Afternoon: Wrap up.
Evening: Departure.

Saturday, July 6


(*) Disclaimer: This is only a tentative agenda to give students an idea of appointments and activities planned. However, no claims can be derived from this tentative programme, which can be changed in accordance with the disponibility of interlocutors.