Degree in Global Communication Management

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Length of program 4 years
Internships Mandatory, elective, extracurricular
Credits 240 ECTS
Application Open.
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Global Communication Management at Blanquerna

Organizations at the local, national and international level face daily challenges on how to be successful within the ever changing context of globalization. Only those with an understanding of strategic communication will succeed in meeting their objectives within an increasingly competitive environment.

This University Official Degree prepares students for leadership and management positions on global communication. The curriculum is rooted in Corporate Communications and Public Relations, Business and Marketing, New Technologies, Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as the most global languages (English, Chinese, French, Arabic and Spanish). All courses will be taught fully in English.

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Why study with us?

For more than 25 years, Blanquerna has been an educational beacon for professionals in the field of communication (with degrees in Audiovisual Communication, Journalism and Corporate Communication and Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing) and International Relations, and has been the bridge between both disciplines. Given the ever-changing dynamics and challenges within the technological revolution which we are experiencing, this cutting edge program cuts across several disciplines due to the several factors: the convergence of traditional and social-media and other new technologies; emerging social-demographics within the new framework where geographical barriers are not as important as group and personal interests; the growing awareness and appreciation of the importance of grassroots in creating and communicating strategic messages social and civic engagement; as well as the creative and innovative strategies and tactics in content creation, storytelling and use of new media. Such changes mandate a new approach and perspective in strategic communication which this degree addresses for its students.

Blanquerna’s unique model

Fundamental to this new degree is Blanquerna’s reputation as a global leader in communication. Our school has numerous agreements with prestigious Colleges and universities worldwide, providing us with a privileged position and distinctive acknowledgment of the top companies, organizations - public and private at the local, national and global level.

Our graduates have been hired for prestigious positions in global communication and management. They include In-house and external/consultants in high demand among companies expanding all over the globe at the institutional or governmental level, as well as at the companies or private level.

Multidisciplinary training

The curriculum combines humanistic and Social Sciences courses with a special niche in Management and International Communication, culminating in a multidisciplinary training experience that meshes with today’s market demands. Students in this program will be immersed in theory and practice in the most relevant Global Communication disciplines, working with top professional, compulsory internships and personalized training all within the unique special Blanquerna methodology.

Professional approach

Our students will benefit from a large professional network from universities and institutions from all over the world like Emerson College of Boston (USA) or Chulalongkorn University (Thailand), the World Communication Forum of Davos, the International Public Relations Association, the Global Communication Center, the Academy of Business Disciplines, and the European University Public Relations Educational and Research Association (EUPRERA), among others. Our connections with the global industry facilitates exchanges and a vast multidisciplinary scope with an exceptional cross-cultural learning help empower our future leader with the best tools and practices.

enlightenedThis University Official Degree responds to the global market demands whereas has special emphasis on Business and Marketing, Corporate Communication and Public Relations, Technology, and professional global management practices.