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University expert certificate in Music, Creativity and Movement

Pre-enrollment open

  • Modality
  • Languages
    Catalan, Spanish, English
  • Duration
    2 academic years
  • Date
    October 2022
  • Planning

    1st year: from October 2022 to May 2023 (1 Saturday a month) and one week in July 2nd year: from October 2023 to May 2024

  • Location

    El Musical - Carrer de Ramon Llull, 16. 08193 Bellaterra, Barcelona

  • Faculty

    School of Psychology, Education and Sport Science

This title is aimed at professionals (teachers, musicians, dancers, performing arts professionals, graduates in Psychology, Pedagogy, Social Work or therapists) who want to know and develop creative processes for teaching / learning music and performing arts.

These are fundamentally practical studies that aim to develop one's own creative and entrepreneurial capacity, and to formulate, design and manage innovative projects to respond to educational needs based on music and movement.

In agreement with El Musical- Center for Education and Research. To pre-register and enroll in this training, go to the El Musical website and the degree website.


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