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SCIR PhD academic information on length of studies

Length of studies

PhD studies last a maximum of three years, full-time, from admission of the PhD student to the program until presentation of the PhD thesis. If, after the period of three years, the student has not submitted the application to submit their thesis, the PhD Program Academic Committee (CAPD) may authorize an extension of one further year, which may in exceptional cases be extended for another additional year.

PhD studies can be undertaken on a part-time basis provided there are justifiable reasons. Pursuing part-time studies must be authorized by the Academic Committee responsible for the Program and the maximum duration from admission to the Program to presentation of the PhD thesis is five years. In these cases, the Academic Committee may authorize an extension of two more years, which, exceptionally, could be extended for a third additional year.

Such extensions may be authorized on justified family, work, personal or scientific grounds. When calculating the aforementioned deadlines, sick leave, pregnancy or any other cause provided for in current regulations will not be taken into account.


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