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Scholarship for Sporting Excellence

Scholarships for sporting excellence cover 50% of the enrollment and tuition fees for official degrees for one academic year. If the required level of academic excellence is maintained, the award is extended over consecutive years until the student completes the degree.

For the forthcoming academic year 2024-25 the School of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences reserves two of the 6 Scholarships of Academic Excellence in Scholarships for Sporting Excellence (SSE).

In the event that there are insufficient valid candidates, there will be communicating vessels between the two types of scholarship.

All students who can prove the following:

  • They currently have a federative record
  • They have obtained one of the following results during the last two seasons:
  1. International podium in individual sports.
  2. Podium in the Spanish Junior Championship (U18).
  3. Federative record in the highest national category in the last two seasons.
  • They have an average upper secondary grade of 7 or CFGS (Technical College) of 8.5.
  • First time accessing the University.

From March 4th to June 10th, 2024.

Through the Blanquerna Scholarships for Excellence platform by filling in the application form and attaching the following documents:

  • Current federative record
  • Certificates of the main sports results obtained
  • Certificate accrediting the academic average of upper secondary school and/or CFGS
  • Photocopy of ID card, NIE residence card or passport
  • 1 passport-sized photograph

  • The scholarship will be maintained as long asthe students maintain their sporting level*, pass everything, and the average grade for the academic year is at least a 6.
  • In case of injury or if they do not maintain their athletic level*, they will have the same conditions as those who have the excellence scholarship (maintain an average grade of 7.5).

*At the end of the academic year, the High Level Athletes Commission will review the athletic level of the scholarship athletes.

The allocation of the awards will be announced on June 28th, 2024, from 4:00 p.m. All applicants will receive a personal copy of the resolution.

Athletes commit to collaborate with his image (with the university's clothes) for possible campaigns of the Blanquerna Foundation. If there were any incompatibility with the candidate's contractual commitments, it would be necessary to explicitly inform and the case would be analysed.


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