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Winners of the contest «A rose for a cause» of IReS Foundation

March 22, 2017#Students

In a ceremony held in our school and attended by representatives of the IReS Foundation, the Majestic Hotel Group, the creative agency The Love Comes and the Degree in Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing, students Laura Mora Duñó and Núria Rabassa Batista, have been proclaimed the winners of the IV contest «A rose for a cause».

Guanyadores del IV concurs «Una rosa per a una causa» de la Fundació IReS

Congratulations in advance to both winners, who will be awarded their prize with the assistance of El Sol, the Ibero-American Festival of Advertising Communication. The students will also receive a cash prize from IReS Foundation.

Since 1969, this foundation has done work taking care of marginalized people and groups at social risk, offering them social, psychological and educational assistance. The aim of the competition —in collaboration with Majestic Hotel, the floral shop Bouquet and The Love Comes agency— is to design materials for the sale of solidarity roses on Sant Jordi's Day: the box for the rose, the invitation card, the roll-up, print ads and also online display, etc.

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