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We talked to student Biel Campon, undergraduate student in the Bachelor's Degree in Audio-visual Communications and new member of Mediapro's staff!

May 25, 2023

The student Biel Campon is in his fourth year of the Bachelor's Degree in Audio-visual Communications and has done internships at TV3 and in the School's communication department. He currently works at Mediapro and is involved in the production and editing of audio-visual content.

How did you start working at Mediapro?

It was thanks to the compulsory internships during the third year at the School. My internship leader recommended me to the head of Mediapro because they were looking for people, and being well known in the audio-visual sector I managed to land a job here.

What was the Erasmus experience like?

I spent my stay in Lisbon in the first semester of the fourth year. It was a highly rewarding experience because it was academically challenging and it also enriches you personally. You also make new friends and learn another language.

What have your studies at the School brought you in terms of job placement?

On the hands-on side, they have contributed to giving me a good audio-visual portfolio thanks to the work I have done from the first to the fourth year, which is what companies are really looking for when they interview you. If you don't have hands-on experience it is very difficult for you to bring something of quality. I see this as a positive link to the School because the equipment at Blanquerna is very good compared to the rest of the universities. Without good equipment, it would not have been possible.

What is the difference between Blanquerna and other universities?

Blanquerna has a solid theoretical grounding and its humanistic project is designed in a way that helps you to reflect on what you want to explain in the audio-visual medium, although at first it may seem burdensome. The experience gained during this period as an intern in the communication department has been a valuable complement to my training. I am very grateful for how the teachers and the whole team have taken great care of us. These are four years that I will cherish in my heart and I will always be proud to say that I have studied at Blanquerna.

You can watch the interview on the School's Instagram profile.

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