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We celebrate the start of the 2022-2023 academic year for the university master's and doctoral programs!

October 6, 2022

The opening ceremony of the master's degrees offered by the School of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences of Blanquerna-URL took place on Monday, October 3, at 6:00 pm. Dr. Sacra Morejón, Academic Vice-Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Research opened the ceremony and welcomed the attendees, who in many cases are newcomers to the Blanquerna-URL community.

The event featured the inaugural lecture "From Goethe's discomfort to lifelong learning", by Dr. Carles Pérez Testor, lecturer and professor emeritus of Psychology (URL) and principal researcher of the Couple and Family Research Group (URL).

Throughout the lecture, Dr. Pérez delved into the richness of the figure of Goethe. Apart from being regarded as one of the most important and influential writers in the history of world literature, Goethe devoted his life to science, poetry, theater, law, science and even politics.

Today, we all have the notion of lifelong learning at the forefront of our minds, but, as the professor pointed out, it is not as innovative as one might think. As early as the 19th century, Goethe pointed out in one of his novels how it was "annoying" that nothing could be learned for life, and that it was necessary to update every five years, so as "not to fall completely out of fashion", i.e., outdated in a skill. From Goethe's "malaise", we have moved on to a society such as ours, which is fully aware of the need for lifelong learning, as shown by the fact that the demand for and supply of postgraduate courses and specializations is growing all the time.

Each profession has its own specific characteristics and itineraries, but it is increasingly common that, after finishing a university degree, it is necessary to take postgraduate courses, public examinations, qualifying exams, research or doctorates and, even after all this, it is necessary to continue training, for instance by regularly attending congresses, courses, seminars and bibliographic sessions.

In the words of the professor, it is necessary to follow this entire path "without losing heart, with commitment and strength, hope, perseverance and tolerance of frustration", adding that "those professionals who are committed to their training throughout their lives and who pursue their profession with intensity, but in balance with their personal lives, will achieve excellence".

With this act and these inspiring words, we welcome the students of the university master's and doctoral programs, and we officially open the academic year 2022-2023!

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