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A total of 88% of companies in the sports sector remained stable or grew in 2021.

November 17, 2022

According to the Spanish sports business barometer conducted by the newspaper Palco23, 8 out of 10 companies in the sector grew in 2021. This figure matches the value for 2019. 8% of institutions managed to keep their turnover stable.

The data on the performance of companies specializing in sport that were gathered in the study confirm the general optimism that is forecast for 2022. A total of 83% of the nearly 300 entities surveyed expect their business to grow—compared to 2021—this year. August Tarragó, professor of the Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management at Blanquerna-URL is categorical and insists on the need to train professionals specialized in the management and administration of organizations: "Ours is a changing and competitive sector. For this reason, the managers at the head of the organizations must have the appropriate training".

The report highlights the positive assessment of the market situation: only 8% of the panelists regard it as bad or very bad. And the number of those who believe it to be good is up two percentage points on the previous year. Furthermore, almost half of the entities surveyed expect the importance of foreign sales to rise by the end of this year. Blanquerna-URL has already anticipated this market trend and, for this reason, teaches almost a quarter of the classes of its degree in Sports Management in English; the only university degree in Catalonia in its field.

According to the study, in terms of sector digitalization, ecommerce increased its presence in these entities during 2020 and 2021, which was driven by the restrictions following the pandemic. As a result of this, and in line with the commitment to digitalization, 66% of the panelists believe that their online channel will be of the utmost importance when it comes to selling and capitalizing on customers in the medium term. Knowing how to communicate the services and activities they offer gives them a competitive advantage over other companies. Being competent in the field of digital communication proves to be crucial in this sector. Universities take companies' needs and transform them into specialized training, as is the case of the master's degree in Sports Communication of the School of Psychology, Education and Sports Sciences (Blanquerna-URL). This is a degree that prepares students to become professionals with the skills that this sector requires for the upcoming years.

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