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Students win best screenplay at Sitges Film Festival

October 6, 2014

Four Cinema and Television students won the award for best screenplay in the New Auteurs section of the Sitges Film Festival for the short "Dinosaurios."

“This is the story of a future that you will never see, a world without humans," says the trailer. "A future of abandoned hotels, empty pools, deserted train stations and ruined amusement parks. Dinosaurs of tomorrow, beautiful catastrophes that are already part of our present."

"Dinosaurs" was developed in the Documentary seminar with Professor Oriol Gispert, by Silvia Casals, Francesc Miralbell, Amanda Gómez i Joaquim Barceló. And now it has been recognized in the Sitges Festival.

Blanquerna is the only School in Catalonia that had two pieces by students as finalists in the New Auteurs section: "Dinosaurs", by Gomez and Barceló; and "Clara", by Alexia Verdaguer and Bet Miquel, made in the workshop of experimental Film Professor Nuria Olivé.

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