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Professor Albert Saez wins Joan Fuster Essay Award

October 27, 2014

The assistant director of the Catalan newspaper El Periódico and professor in the degree of Journalism Albert Sáez won the Joan Fuster Essay Award for his work Journalism after Twitter. Notes to rethink a profession.

"This is the result of my lectures on the sociology of communication at Ramon Llull University," Saez told Vilaweb. "The starting hypothesis is a provocative one: 'Journalism is a historical reality, that can vanish just as it appeared.' "

This is "a reflection of how social media challenges journalism as we have practiced it so far," said the professor, according to El Periódico, during the awards presentation in the October Centre of Contemporary Culture of Valencia.

"The book tries to explain to those who predict the end of journalism that it does not have to disappear if it returns to its roots and recovers the functions for which it was invented," the professor explained. In the picture, professor Albert Sáez (centre), with Juli Alandes (right), winner of the Andromina award; and Jordi Mas, winner of the Vicent Andrés Estellés award. (Courtesy of El Periódico/Miguel Lorenzo).

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