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New academic course inaugurated

New academic course inaugurated

September 15, 2014

This September 15th, we’ve started the new academic year, with over three hundred and fifty new students in the four degrees offered by Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations.

This semester, 24 students joined us from countries such as South Korea, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and France, as well as from other cities in Spain, as a result of our international mobility programs.

During the day there have been welcome sessions for the first-year students, and also for students in fourth year, who will graduate at the end of the second semester.

Furthermore, on October 20th, the postgraduate courses and Master’s degrees offered by the School will begin. This year, we have the new Blanquerna-Sónar Master’s in Advanced Communication for Creative Industries and our Master’s in Strategic Management in Global Communication, offered completely in English.

On our website, you can review all our academic programs. Those interested still have time to sign up.

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