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Ideograma s’incorpora al Màster Universitari en Comunicació Política i Social

Ideograma consultancy joins the Master’s course in Political and Social Communication

April 18, 2016

Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations and consulting firm Ideograma have signed a collaboration agreement to jointly organize the Official Master in Political and Social Communication and collaborate in offering internships and promotion of the training program.

The Master’s course, which is addressed to all those graduates and professionals seeking a specialization in the field of political and institutional communication, has a network that has more than fifty former students.

Ideograma specializes in consulting and public communication. They’ve had experience in developing global strategies and delivery of communication services aimed at governments, businesses, non-profit organizations and public and private institutions since 1985. Currently, the consultancy is located in space Factory Lehmann (Barcelona) and develops its professional work in Spain and Latin America: Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Chile, Panama, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina. Ideograma is a member of ADECEC (Association of Consulting in Public Relations and Communication).

Masterclass with Antoni Gutierrez-Rubi

The founder and director of Ideograma, Antoni Gutiérrez-Rubí (@antonigr) -a reference in the world of political consulting in the digital field- offered an Open MasterClass at the Faculty on «Technopolicy: new technological tools for communication, organization and political action.» Gutierrez-Rubi will join the management team of the Master’s course. Among other associations, he is a member of the AAPC (American Association of Political Consultants), EAPC (European Association of Political Consultants), ALICE (Latin American Association of Researchers Electoral Campaign), ACOP (Political Communication Association), DIRCOMCatalunya and ACCIEP (Catalan Association for Communication Policy).

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