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Jordi Basté: "The success of radio is based on naturalness"

Jordi Basté: "The success of radio is based on naturalness"

May 18, 2021

Invited by the degree in Journalism and Corporate Communication, the director of El Món a RAC1, Jordi Basté, has shared his professional experience in a masterclass moderated by professor Joan Maria Clavaguera.

Basté is the leading voice on radio in Catalonia and his program, El Món a RAC1, is heard by about half a million listeners every day. Uninterruptedly, for 14 seasons, at 6 a.m, Jordi Basté wakes us up with his famous and iconic "Benvinguts a El Món!", and now, before a hundred students, half in the classroom and the rest, connected via Zoom, he wanted to explain the keys of his success. "The constant renovation of information, rhythm and luck" are, according to Basté, the cardinal points of his journalistic career and the pillars that support his success.

At any rate, the Barcelona journalist did not want to overlook the most important element of all: naturalness. He said it clearly and forcefully: "The success of radio is based on naturalness." That is why he recommended that students, above all, follow their instincts when it comes to journalism. In this sense, Basté highlighted that he, for example, enjoys writing a lot, but where he really feels comfortable "is on the radio".

From his intervention, as pointed out by the professor of the School, Joan María Clavaguera, it can be inferred that radio has a great future and that all the innovations that surround it, such as new formats and streaming and broadcast platforms, such as podcasts are interesting, yes, but they are still a complement of the radio. The medium, the radio, will be immutable over time, perhaps the way it is made and consumed will vary due to new technologies, but its most primary function will continue to have a powerful role in society. Therefore, according to Basté "the most important thing is to know is how to adapt without losing sight of what we do".

The director of El Món a RAC 1 answered all the student's questions and pointed out references such as Mònica Terribas, Julia Otero, Olga Viza and Pilar Calvo, among others. When asked what news he would like to give on the air, he said: "That Catalonia could hold a referendum" and, of those that have been given so far, the announcement of the vaccination plan, in the interview with Salvador Illa, the then Minister of Health. Regarding the pressures of the network, Basté pointed out: "I have never had pressures of any kind from any company, neither in the public nor the private sector."

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