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Fifth edition of the Serielizados Fest

Fifth edition of the Serielizados Fest

September 20, 2018

This year, the International Festival of Series of Barcelona, ​​the Serielizados Fest, will take place from September 27th to 30th. Most of the activities will be held at the CCCB, but there will also be important events in the Zumzeig room, the Fiu House and the Auditorium of our School.

Inauguration with tears of blood

The machinery will be set in motion on Thursday, at 8pm, with the projection of the first episode of Il Miracolo, the original series of Sky that has come to Barcelona after its triumph in France. Can the figure of a Madonna who cries litres and litres of blood, generate a crisis of faith near the Holy Sea? The projection will be shown in Italian with subtitles in Spanish. The ticket is free with pre-registration. An offer too good to miss!

As a novelty, in the Panorama section, the Festival will premiere a total of 11 unpublished series in Spain, all for free. The screenings will take place in the Auditorium of the CCCB and there will be a vote by the public.

The highlight of the year, at Blanquerna

It has to be done: we must pay tribute to Breaking Bad on the tenth anniversary of its premiere and the fifth of its final season, with the man behind the phenomenon, its creator, Vince Gilligan.

At 10am, on Friday 28th, Gilligan will be here in person in our auditorium to offer a masterclass, along with the film director Nacho Vigalondo, who will moderate the dialogue with students, teachers and scriptwriters.

The entrance tickets ran out some time ago, which is why we have allocated classroom B23 of the Library for those who are left without tickets, so that you can hear Gilligan via streaming!

With our trademark!

You should know by now - we’ve certainly said it enough times - that the origin of Serielizados, the seed of all this, is in the final degree project - yes, yes, the TFG- of Betu Martínez, a former student of the 16th graduating year of the Degree in Journalism. Teaming up with Víctor Sala, an ex-student of the Master's Degree in Fiction in Cinema and Television. Production, Script and Production, managed to make it happen: an online magazine about television series that is now a super festival.

And there are still more: the pilot Encerrados, made by students of the School, has been selected for the showcase of fictional pilots, a commitment to give visibility and projection to emerging talent in the field of series and webseries.

  • For more information, check the program and the schedule.

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