Masterclass by Vince Gilligan at Blanquerna FCRI

The creator of Breaking Bad and co-creator of Better Call Saul will meet students and scriptwriters. The session will take place in the Auditorium of the School (Valldonzella, 12), on 28th September.

The masterclass will be held on Friday morning at Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations, in which the creator of Breaking Bad and co-creator of Better Call Saul, Vince Gilligan, will share their trade secrets with students and professionals in the field.

The fifth edition of the Serielizados Fest, the International Festival of Series of Barcelona, will pay tribute to the creator of Breaking Bad, a decade after its release. Gilligan will share the stage with a cinema director, who will ask him about his methodology and the ins and outs of his work. The attendees, most of whom will be Blanquerna Audiovisual Communication students, will also have the chance to ask him first hand how two series that defined an era came about, and how they were written and created.

In a past edition of the festival, Blanquerna hosted David Simon, the mythical creator of the series The Wire. It was unforgettable.  When he was asked how he thought up the dialogues and the sequences, Simon got up and asked for a whiteboard and a marker pen. Without saying a work, he wrote:


There was absolute silence in the room.  Simon took a step back and contemplated the whiteboard.  At that point, two people sitting on some stairs exchanged a simple “Hey”.

And then, Simon said:  “That was a sequence I wrote for The Corner.  We’d lived with these characters and we knew what was going through their heads.  They also understood each other, and in a sequence like that, you don’t need to say anything more.”

This year, the whiteboard awaits Gilligan.