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FPCEE - Miguel Gonzalez Garcia alumni gESTIÓ eSPORTIVA Dorna

Discover the career of Miguel González, leader of Dorna's Northern Talent Cup project

May 5, 2023

We interviewed Miguel González García, alumni of the Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management of the class of 2021. He had always known that he wanted to pursue a career in the world of motorsport:

"Having a clear idea from the outset of how I wanted to steer my career path has helped me a great deal when it comes to making decisions". For this reason, when it came to choosing university studies, he opted for a degree in Sports Management, which combines the disciplines of marketing and business administration and is entirely geared towards the world of sport.

Miguel González works as project leader of the Northern Talent Cup project at Dorna, an international company specializing in management and marketing in the world of motorcycling. It was at this company where he did part of his internship while studying, an internship that he completed with a second period at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. This interest in motorcycling became even more tangible in a thesis on the sustainable management of the Andorra circuit.

As is the case with all recent graduates, upon finishing his bachelor's degree, Miguel considered his future and whether he was willing to continue his training, to work as a freelancer or to go abroad. After some consideration, he decided to train in areas related to future needs, such as sustainability. He took the Master's Degree in Sustainable Business & InnovaTIon to move closer to his professional destiny, to have more job opportunities and, at the same time, to improve his English: "I embarked on what for me was a challenge. A few months away from graduation, I began an exhaustive search for possible jobs. Ultimately, I managed to get an interview at Dorna, where I tried to offer the maximum availability, dedication and enthusiasm to work with them".

He is currently the leader of the Northern Talent Cup project, a European-wide motorcycle competition for teenagers (fourteen to seventeen years old).

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