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Discover Sportboard, a tool for the study of ethics and value in sport

July 5, 2022

The European Sportboard project was presented on 4 July, headed by a group of sports organizations, including the Blanquerna-URL School of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences.

FPCEE Projecte Europeu Sportboard Presentació

The Kick-Off Meeting of the European project Sportboard was held on Monday, July 4, as part of the "Catalan sport and knowledge in Europe" event. This project was founded with the goal of offering tools to clubs and administrations in order to enhance the behavior athletes and technical teams and create tools and strategies to improve how sport is governed.

This project, which sits within the framework of the Erasmus+ program and has a budget of 250,000 euros, is a collaboration between the SantCugatCreix association and Club Anderlini (Italy), the City Council of Modena (Italy), the think tank Sport and Citzenship (France) and a team of members of our School, comprising Dr. Josep Campos Rius, Dr. Ana Andrés, Professor Verónica Riera, Dr. Ignasi Cifre and Dr. Sara Suárez, headed by the academic secretary, Dr. Enric Sebastiani. A meeting of all the partners was held on the very same Monday, in the Degree Hall of the Blanquerna-URL General Services building, in order to outline strategies.

The source of the School's participation in this project dates back to 2018, when SantCugatCreix requested collaboration in order to track the results of the previous project, Ethics For Sports (E4S). That project featured an app that analyzed and gathered observations of athletes' behavior in order to assess levels of ethics in sport. In Sportsboard, on the basis of this approach, the values to be analyzed are extended in order to observe factors such as the levels of violence and harassment in all kinds of clubs and organizations, in up to twelve different sports. The study will be geared towards school-age athletes, and although studies on all behaviors will begin in Spain and Italy, the project's goal is to go international on a larger scale.

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