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Conveni Blanquerna-Montserrat

Blanquerna-URL will prepare educational material for the schools that visit Montserrat

November 29, 2023

As part of the Millennium, Blanquerna-URL signs an agreement with the Abbey of Montserrat to collaborate in the area of education

Blanquerna-URL has signed a collaboration agreement with the Abbey of Montserrat in the framework of the Monastery's Millennium, through which they undertake in the next three years to work together on a project to develop educational material about Montserrat for schools that visit the Sanctuary. The educational proposal of this material, which will be digitized, will have an interdisciplinary approach contextualized within the new Basic Education curriculum (Primary and Secondary stages), which will be based on three moments before, during and after the visit to Montserrat.

The proposal will be suitable for the curricular areas that may be related to Montserrat: history, music, art, language, religion/spirituality, and aimed at three age groups: for Infants, from 1st to 3rd-year of Primary School; for Juniors, from 4th to 6th-year of Primary School; and for Seniors, from 1st to 4th-year of High School. For the preparation of the material, the Blanquerna Foundation will provide the necessary resources for the development of the Educational consultancy project for the development of an educational proposal and material linked to the commemoration of the Millennium of the Abbey of Montserrat, with an educational proposal inspired by Blanquerna's pedagogical tradition to commemorate the Millennium of the Abbey of Montserrat. It will do so altruistically and as a contribution to the Abbey of Montserrat, within the framework of the Millennium, assuming the costs of teaching and research staff. At the same time, Montserrat undertakes to digitize the material and to publicize the project.

The Blanquerna-URL School of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences (FPCEE), through the Education, Teaching and Learning Research Group (GREDA), will design the teaching material agreed, assist in and oversee the digitization of the material and present to the team of educators the implementation of the educational proposal. In order to monitor the development of this study, a Technical Committee has been created to oversee the Project, made up of both parties.

The collaboration agreement between the Abbey of Montserrat and Blanquerna-URL has been signed by Fr. Abbot Manel Gasch, President of the Abbey of Montserrat Foundation 2025; the CEO of the Blanquerna Foundation, Dr. Giorgia Miotto (pictured); and Dean of the Blanquerna-URL School of Psychology, Education and Sport Science, Dr. Jordi Riera Romaní.

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