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Blanquerna-URL is committed to equality between faculty members and administration and service staff

March 8, 2023

The Blanquerna-URL Second Equality Plan, approved in October 2022 by the institution and its partners, shows that 53.78% of the Blanquerna-URL staff (including administrative and service staff and faculty members) are women, and 46.22% are men, indicating a clear commitment to parity.

In addition, it points out that there has been a 2% increase in the presence of women in the institution compared to the last Equality Plan, which was signed in 2010. In the diagnosis that was conducted at that time, as laid down in article 46 of L.O. 3/2007 (Spanish Organic Law), no obstacles that prevent or hinder effective equality between women and men were detected. Nevertheless, throughout this time, actions have continued to be undertaken to improve, insofar as possible, the initial situation in terms of equality that was brought to the attention of our institution, following the principle of merit rather than that of gender quota. Another important point to note on equality is that the Blanquerna-URL labor agreement was already ahead of the Organic Law 3/2007, for which reason many of the measures were already in place, have remained in force and have been improved during this period of time.

The aim of Blanquerna-URL is to consolidate the equality policy. The implementation of the Second Equality Plan has contributed to maintaining or improving the situation the resulted from the first diagnosis conducted in 2010, in which, among other actions, the Protocol for prevention and intervention in situations of harassment and violence in the workplace was created. Several areas of action have now been set that will form part of the objectives of this Second Plan, such as: guaranteeing objective processes in access to employment and promotion; guaranteeing the dissemination among the staff of the existence of the Equality Plan and its contents; analysis of the adequacy of the training offer with respect to the principles of gender equality; and the presence and participation of the student body in the degrees and areas of representation. In this regard, an analysis will be carried out on the current status of the schools.

The campaign launched by Blanquerna-URL to promote gender equality, this year, has focused on the women who form part of the institution's management teams. Through the statements of three vice-deans, two services directors, a dean and the general director, the role of women has been asserted. The aim of this action is to empower and inspire the university's female students and to raise the profile of female leadership.

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