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Blanquerna organizes a course in data research and analysis

Blanquerna organizes a course in data research and analysis

June 2, 2021

The first edition was taught by Dr. Gaspar Berbel

Last May, the Research Institute and the Vice-Dean for Research of the School of Communication and International Relations launched the training course in statistics for researchers in the social sciences, which represents a great opportunity. to reinforce the research potential and interpretation of the results of both students in the research itinerary and doctoral students and researchers from the Blanquerna schools.

The first edition of the specialization course in research and data analysis (I) was taught by Dr. Gaspar Berbel in online format for 4 sessions of 2 and a half hours each. The course methodology was fundamentally practical.

Based on a broad and clear view of what research means, starting with the perspectives from which it can be investigated. Working with data from real research - data from research work or doctoral students' theses -, addressing key or fundamental concepts from demonstration, interrogative and discovery methodologies, with tutorials through GoToMeeting, with a follow-up of agreement with tests of self-evaluation-control to ascertain the learnings and competitions acquired in the handle of key procedures for a researcher, between which it is necessary to stand out; know how to discriminate between types of designs and variables, within the quantitative methodology, be able to describe all kinds of distributions or variables, be able to debug the data collected, label, generate new variables, with PSPP and IBM-SPSS, build data summaries in style APA, accurately determine the relationship test to be performed by combining any two variables, be able to propose a regression model, know the keys to collect data professionally and effectively, sampling techniques and sample size, run with PSPP (or IBM-SPSS) any test of relationship, with the ability to interpret it, writing correctly and in APA style the relevant conclusions.

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