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Estudiants de Blanquerna FCRI presenten D’Aclip: xerrades, concerts i projeccions

Blanquerna FCRI Students present D’Aclip: Conferences, Concerts and Projections

April 12, 2016

D'Aclip, a project created by three students of the Master in Production and Cultural Communication in Blanquerna, organizes three events. They will be held within the framework of the International Auteur Film Festival of Barcelona in collaboration with the Sala Apolo, with the mission of raising awareness and bringing young people to the Catalan auteur cinema world.

D’Aclip parla!

The starting point is D'Aclip Parla!, a conference to be held on April 22 in the Auditorium of the School with the presence of film critic Carlos Losilla, Mishima singer and director, David Carabén, and the director of the film «Tots els camins de Déu» (All God’s Paths) Gemma Ferraté. The three will discuss auteur cinema and the role that music plays in it in as well as answering questions from the audience.

Famèlic sessions

The next meeting will be on April 27 with D'Aclip Famèlic Sessions. CCCB Theatre will host the premiere of the film «Famèlic Sessions» with the presence of the director, Àlex Sardà, who will make an initial presentation. The film makes a visual and audio journey through the music of groups represented by Famèlic Records label. The premiere will begin at six in the afternoon and it will end with some beers courtesy of Moritz.

D’Aclip Live

D'Aclip will come to an end on April 30 with D'Aclip Live, a double session of concerts and talks at Sala Apolo, where attendees will have the opportunity to listen and ask questions to the videomakers Luis Cervero, Pablo Maestres and Sergi Castellà, see their latest pieces of work, and enjoy two final concerts by groups Heather and Regalim.

More information on their website or email [email protected]

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