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Frequently asked questions about scholarships and grants

Yes, it is only necessary to have formalized the pre-registration in one of the degrees of the Blanquerna-URL Faculties.

Yes, within 15-20 days, after the interview with the student and with all the documentation submitted, the student is notified of the resolution of the Grant first.

They are applied as a discount on the course monthly payments (October to June).

The amount of the grant is of the order of approximately 18-20% of the total cost of the course and is made effective by means of discounts on the monthly payments of the course. The percentage can increase up to 25% as you progress through the courses and depending on the student's family and financial situation.

At any time during any course you can apply for a One-Time Grant for an unforeseen situation.

For the academic year 2022-2023, from June 6 to July 10, 2022. Under no circumstances will applications be accepted outside this period.

There is no direct discount, but it is an aspect that is taken into account in the assessment of the Blanquerna Aid.

In the event that both scholarships are awarded, only the scholarship for excellence will be applied.

Master's students can apply for the scholarship for academic excellence.

Yes, as long as both grants do not exceed the total cost of the course.

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