Master in Orthopaedics. Edition Mallorca

Length of program September 21 - May 22
Credits 60 ECTS
Degree DirectorSergi Villanueva
Manel Caraben
CoordinationAida Noé
Ferran Oller
Isabel Altemir
Application opened
Total price 5700€

This master's degree is taught in Spanish or Catalan. For further information, please consult the master's degree web page in Spanish or Catalan 


Orthopaedics is a very broad healthcare profession, encompassing the treatment of many pathologies at all stages of life, from birth to old age.

Treatments may be standard, adapted or tailored, to cover: circulatory ailments, prevention of damage due to pressure, orthotic treatments of the upper limb, lower vertebral column, partial prosthetics or whole upper and lower limb, special footwear and technical support.

It is a sector that has been growing and creating new orthotic and preventive lines, in the fields of both sports and work. It has also had a relevant role in the development of current designs with the incorporation of new orthopaedic materials.

The programme involves specific training in the fields of anatomy, biomechanics and pathology, as well as associated orthopaedic approaches. The practical component of the Master is provided with different workshops to manufacture and adapt orthotic devices, prosthesis and technical support, with the use of cutting edge technology in this sector.