Study Degree in Nursing , Physiotherapy, Human Nutrition and Dietetics, and Pharmacy at Blanquerna-URL, in Barcelona

Compulsory placements

Our degrees in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Physiotherapy and Nursing thrive in a special environment where university, business and innovation are a guarantee and a tool with which our students can multiply their prospects:

  • Student and ‘apprentice’ at the same time: All students complete compulsory placements in the country’s best companies and institutions, which have training agreements with the Blanquerna-URL.
  • Promoting international mobility of teachers and students via agreements with institutions and universities all over the world. For this reason, all student are provided with an intensive English language learning experience and with a special application to their future profession.
  • Providing students with the latest technology: Computer and audiovisual technology are used to meet the academic needs of each study programme, which encourages learning and research.

Specialising and recognition

Blanquerna boasts a wide range of postgraduate courses with recognised postgraduate and master’s degrees which guarantee the best way to specialise, research-based learning and a response to the evolving demands of related professional sectors.

Humanism and innovation in the healthcare and business sector

Blanquerna-URL School of Health Science, in the centre of Barcelona in a building built in 2002, is a humanistic and innovative school providing training in the field of healthcare. Actively present in the healthcare and business sector, it leads the way when it comes to adapting study programmes to the changing demands of the sector. For this reason, for over 10,000 active professionals, it is a point of reference when it comes to recycling or specialising in such changing environments as Nursing, Physiotherapy and Human Nutrition and Dietetics.