The URL, among the top 100 European universities in teaching

The Ramon Llull University has been positioned in the 76-100 range of the best universities in Europe in teaching, according to the Europe Teaching Ranking produced by Times Higher Education. It is situated, therefore, among the top 5 Catalan universities in the Top 100.

The present ranking, which this year celebrates its second edition, is exclusively devoted to teaching. 14 indicators are taken into consideration in the process of drawing up the classification, which are grouped into four basic pillars: commitment and interaction between the university and the students; resources for effective teaching; the results generated by the university; and the existence of an inclusive environment.

Half of the ranking indicators are obtained from the European Student Survey, a survey aimed at more than 125,000 university students from 18 European countries. The objective is to determine important issues for students, such as commitment to their studies, interaction with teachers, the quality of services offered by universities, and opportunities to develop different skills to prepare for their professional career.

The other indicators are obtained from the data that the universities send to the Times Higher Education, a survey of academic reputation, and bibliometric data of Elsevier.

Regarding the existence of an inclusive environment, the URL is the 3rd university in Europe with the best results. In this pillar, four indicators are taken into account: the teacher's gender balance, the student's gender balance, the international student ratio and Erasmus + mobility.

The URL also stands out especially in the area of commitment and interaction between the university and students (Engagement), where it is ranked as the 8th best European university. For the elaboration of this pillar, the commitment of the students, the interaction of the students and the institution, the degree of recommendation of the university on the part of the students and the links between the institution and the labor market are taken into account.