The School receives almost fifty international students this year

This September, 47 students from all over the world have arrived at our School to take the first semester with us through the different mobility programs that we have in active use, such as Erasmus or bilateral agreements.

For the first time we have received students from Thailand (Chulalongkorn), and Shanghai. Also from the UADE university in Argentina. We have students from Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Uruguay, China, Korea, United States as well ...

This semester we also celebrated the third edition of the Mentoring Program, which facilitates the reception and integration of international students. 38 regular students of Blanquerna signed up this year to receive their foreign peers in the auditorium, as if they were meeting them at the airport.

"It's the year that we’ve received the most foreign students and the year when we’ve had the most mentors! ...", explains Marta Esteller, head of the International Affairs Office.