«The impact of climate change on global conflicts and International Relations»

On Thursday, June 15th, at 19:00, in classroom 201 (Assembly Hall) the book "Climate Change, S.A. How  [corporate and military] power is molding a world of the privileged and dispossessed in the face of the climate crisis" will be presented, with the presence of the author Nick Buxton, researcher at the Transnationale Institute.

There will be a debate open to the public to answer the many questions generated by this issue: What is happening in response to security challenges posed by climate change? Is there someone who benefits from this?

Tica Font, director of the Catalan Institute for Peace (ICIP) and Professor Aida Vila, political advisor of Greenpeace Spain will participate. The event will be moderated by Professor Jordi Calvo, coordinator of Delàs Center for Peace Studies and the Master’s course in Peace and Conflict Studies of our School. 

«With our politicians refusing to weather the climate crisis, some look hopefully at the growing influence of military strategists and corporate titans. If you want to understand why we can not leave the design of responses to climate change to the Pentagon and corporations, then you need to read this book.» Naomi Klein, author of “This Changes Everything” and “The Shock Doctrine”.

Presentation of Blanquerna’s new International Relations’ Masters’ degrees

Then there will be the presentation of the master's degrees in International Relations offered by Blanquerna FCRI, in which Professor Farid Benavides will participate.