«The Futures of the Future» or how tomorrow will be

In the hall of the School we are hosting the exhibition Postnormal Times, by the Centre for Postnormal Policy and Futures Studies and the design studio based in London, Effusion.

This is an installation that comes directly from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp, where specialists and academics, together with the Efussion team, have interpreted the main features of the prospective theory, as a tool to understand our rapidly changing world.

The study of the future has been changing. To begin with, they used the label Future Research or Prospective, whereas these days specialists have developed a new theory, that of Post-normal Times, in which the future does not arise as a deconstruction of what is normal, but as a forecast of things to come.  

Postnormal Times explores new ways of presenting the future, but also of perceiving it or working with it, observing the differences between classical, modern, postmodern, and postnormal time. Simple examples such as the difference in the perception of the human body: from David Michelangelo's classic all-muscle form, through to the athletic and androgynous, until we reach the postnormal, improved with the help of new technologies.

Hollywood can also be analyzed within the timeline of Postnormal Theory. Mr Smith Goes to Washington as a classic film and Clark Gable as a classic hero, and continuing with the Invasion of the body Snatchers and James Dean, a modern movie and actor. Making a leap to postmodernity with Sex, Lies and Videotape and Arnold Schwarzenegger and finally reaching the deconstruction of normality with the movie Her and actors such as Johnny Depp. These are some small examples of the evolution of different phenomena in relation to the scenarios of the future.

The exhibition serves as a pretext to host the first edition of the Blanquerna Futures Summer School (BFSS) under the coordination of Professor Jordi Serra del Pino, which aims to provide a critical point of view on the method of  studies about the future .

We recommend you to take a walk through the hall of the School.