The director of El Periódico de Cataluña, Albert Sàez, explains to Blanquerna students the transformation of the newspaper

More than 100 students of the degree in Journalism and Corporate Communication were able to talk with the director about the repositioning of the brand.

Last Friday, February 26, the degree in Journalism and Corporate Communication organized a meeting with Dr. Albert Sàez, director of El Periódico de Catalunya and Sport and professor at the School. Sàez, who was appointed director of the newspaper last May, explained to the students the renovation that the media launched last December.

The need to reposition the product has led the newspaper to launch a new corporate brand around a large "P" that expresses the three purposes of the media and defines its editorial essence: Panorama (current news content), Participation (Opinion) and People (information of Barcelona and the metropolitan area). In this sense, Sàez said that the intention "is to put the readers at the center of our work and involve them" and, at the same time, "adapt to current forms of information consumption". That is why El Periódico de Catalunya is firmly committed to the digital environment to structure and organize its content.

The head of the Prensa Ibérica news media outlets wanted to make it clear that "we do not see ourselves as a newspaper, but as a platform." In fact, beyond the 40,000 customers who buy the newspaper every day, El Periódico de Catalunya has a large digital community: "We are a newsletter that brings together a series of readers, we are an application, a podcast, a social network. .. ", he explained.

After the presentation, the undergraduate students were able to present doubts and questions related to gender parity in Prensa Ibérica, the opportunities of blockchain in journalism, the position of El Periódico de Catalunya in relation to subscriptions and the relationship of the media with the technological giants, among others.

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