Students Elena Mateos and Jorge Ratia, at the ART-URL 2017 Awards

The ceremony of the 9th edition of the ART-URL Awards took place in the Rector's Office of the University Ramon Llull, in which two students of Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing were awarded in the photography category.

The vice-president of International Relations and Students, Carlo Gallucci, and the president of the Students Council, Robert Monzonis participlated in the event, which was organized by the Students Council of the URL.

In this edition, the first-year student, Elena Mateos Olivera, received the first prize in the photography category. The second prize of this category was taken by the student Jorge Ratia Avinent, of third year. Last year, Ratia won the Bronze Dragon of the Drac Novell International Festival 2016. Congratulations to both of them!

The ART-URL Awards are an initiative aimed at the entire university community of the URL to stimulate knowledge outside the classroom and promote art and culture.