«Soft rains will come» in the New Authorship of Sitges

The students Aleix Montanyés, Claudia Galeano, Gisela Giralt, Raquel Guardia and Paula Yern have developed this work throughout the VII seminar of the fourth year of the Degree in Cinema and Television.

«Soft rains will come» is an adaptation of the homonymous science fiction story of the American writer Ray Bradbury, and tells the story of an abandoned house that relives the past of a family who had lived there.

We wish you the best of luck as selected candidates in the category of New Author of the Fantastic Film Festival of Sitges. Other short films made by students of the School have also been selected in past festivals, as was the case of «The White Room», «Vida y reflejo» and «Dinosaurios», winner of the award for best script of the year 2014.