Rosa Cullell: «Change marks progress»

The former president of the CCMA and current CEO of the Portuguese media corporation Media Capital, Rosa Cullell, inaugurated the Postgraduate studies with her presentation: "Digital stridences: dialogue and monologue in social networks", in the auditorium of the Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations.

Cullell spoke of the evolution of work, and the path that young students will have to travel in the midst of a world of uncertainties. She addressed the students stressing the importance of being versatile and knowing how to adapt to constant changes, since the difference between this generation and the previous ones is the dizzying speed at which our environment is changing. 

To the students who connected via Zoom, she explained that permanent work has disappeared, and that we have to constantly reinvent ourselves to keep up with the pace set by society in the hands of new technologies: "Change marks progress."

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