Obs Blanquerna publishes «Film and Values»

The Blanquerna Observatory of Communication, Religion and Culture has just published «Films and Values», a publication that resulted from the 1st International Seminar on Cinema and Values, which was organized last year by the Directorate General of Religious Affairs of the Generalitat, SIGNIS (World Catholic Association for Communication) and the Blanquerna Observatory.

The book consists of a collection of writings about the religious question in the cinema. The testimonies of the different participants of the seminar - all of them directors of various international film festivals and representatives of the religious diversity that are given here - highlight the communicative virtues of cinema as a perfect tool to foster the encounter and religious dialogue . In this way, the different forms of the cinematographic narrative would appear like a fertile land from which to explore the idea of ​​the transcendental thing.

At the same time, the edition also includes a series of texts dedicated to explaining the current context of religious film festivals. Throughout the pages you can find the voice of its various directors, who offer a focused story from the perspective of the management and coordination of an event like this.

enlightenedThe book has been published by Jordi Sànchez Torrents, professor of the School, and Alba Sabaté Gauxachs, journalist and doctoral student at Blanquerna FCRI.