Ninth edition of the International Conference on Communication and Reality

The inaugural conference of the 9th International Conference on "Communication and Reality" will be held in classroom 101, June 8th at 10AM, by theologian and anthropologist Lluís Duch, who will reflect on the crisis in the transmission of values.

His reflection will be focused on describing how contemporary societies are affected by a very strong crisis of the transmissions, which can also be expressed as a dismantling of collective memory.

The International Conference on "Communication and Reality" is a meeting of communication researchers organized every two years by the School. The conference welcomes the presentation of the most innovative conceptual and methodological proposals to promote a debate and the exchange of ideas that responds to the challenges of contemporary societies.

This year the theme on which the debate will turn to is: "Reality and screen: a postmodern mirror". The ubiquity of screens in our society deserves differentiated and specific attention since it modifies the same nature of the information. About fifty delegates will present their vision of how the screen implies connection and interaction, both with the content and with the people who generate them, especially in social networks.

Information on attendance and registration on the web.