MILAB Conferences: Virtual Reality in the real world

Last Monday, February 18, the first edition of the MILAB Conferences took place. These conferences came about with the aim of facilitating the approach to the changing reality caused by the technological impulse of the new economy 4.0.

This first conference, which focused on the field of Virtual Reality, was attended by former students Jordi Valls of the company Mentor VR and Marta Ordeig, promoter of the Virtual Reality Laboratory Garage Stories.

In the first part of the Conference, Jordi Valls gave a panoramic view of the current moment of Virtual Reality within the framework of new immersive technologies. We were able to learn, first hand, the fundamentals, the potential and the challenges posed by this technology in the different areas of Communication and International Relations.

In the second part, Marta Ordeig reflected on practical sets made in the last years of her Garage Stories project. She also explained in detail what the narrative possibilities from the new language generated by this new medium are, and what the prototyping process and the creation methodology is like in a Virtual Reality production.

enlightenedThe MiLAB is working on the programming for the next Conference. The theme of the conference and the date will be announced in the near future, as well as the procedure for registration.