Meeting with former students of the degree in International Relations

Within the framework of the Conflict Analysis Seminar, taught by professor Mercè Kirchner, together with the other seminar groups, took place a session with alumni of the Degree in International Relations who are currently working in entities and projects related to the fields of peace, security and conflicts.

Julia Miragall (4th class, 2019), project manager at the Sexual Violence Team at the Center For African Justice, Peace and Human Rights in The Hague; Inés Gesa (2nd class, 2017), volunteer leader at International Action for Peace in Barcelona; Isidor Coma (3rd class, 2018), security specialist at International SOS in Dubai, and Manuel Herrera, security consultant and researcher at the Center for International Studies of the University Institute of Lisbon (CEI-ISCTE) in Lisbon, have shared their experience with the students.

They have explained what their work consists of, what projects, and what actions they develop and their relationship with the learning and experiences in the Degree, and how they have arrived to where they are. They have highlighted the importance of studies, but also the value of having a teaching staff, professionals from the sector, who have advised them, and with the extracurricular activities promoted by the Degree. They have encouraged students to identify their motivations and persevere, to develop a network based on trust, to be proactive and receptive to opportunities, and to continue learning in their field of specialization.