Masters students in Reporting participate in the Femcat Journalism and Business program

The students of the Master's Degree in Advanced Journalism - Reporting have been closely acquainted with how a sector-leading SME works in the international arena and what relationship it has with the media.

Germark is the company that visited Blanquerna in the framework of the new Journalism and Business program promoted by the Private Foundation of Entrepreneurs, Femcat.

How has Germark overcome the economic crisis since 2008? What is their relationship with the media? How is it organized at a corporate level? That is, how do you participate in national and international organizations in your sector? All this was explained to the masters students, who knew about the operation of a company and who later participated in a press conference

The students of the Master's Degree in Reporting of our School have been the first to participate in the Journalism and Business program, a pilot project between business, university and society.