Masterclass with journalist Jordi Basté

On Tuesday, May 11, at 12:30 p.m, the degree in Journalism and Corporate Communication will host a masterclass with journalist Jordi Basté to talk about the case of El Món to RAC1, in a conference entitled: "Building the radio of the future".

The session will be held in room 201 for the students of the School and can be followed live, via Zoom. To sign up, you just have to fill out this form.

Basté is currently, the maximum exponent of radio in Catalonia and his programme, the absolute leader in the mornings with an audience of more than half a million daily listeners. In a dialogue moderated by the professor and also a journalist, Joan Mª Clavaguera, Basté will share the keys to the success of the programme and the future challenges that, in general, a medium such as radio will have to face.

Listeners of today, voices of tomorrow

During the conference, Basté will answer the student’s questions: What role do new technologies, digitization, internet and social media play in a programme like El Món a RAC1? What is the weight that radio has had during the pandemic and what has it represented for media professionals?

In fact, very recently, he published Sol com un mussol (Ara Llibres, 2020), a compilation of his professional and personal experience during the three months of "closed confinement, managing anxiety and dealing with insomnia, having tested positive for Covid-19 and with half the team sick". What lessons did he take from that? And even more important: What does he seek in future radio professionals? What does the ideal radio journalism sound like? We will talk about all this in "Building the radio of the future: the case of El Món to RAC1".