Masterclass of «El Ministerio del Tiempo»

The Master's Degree in Fiction in Film and Television closed its XII edition with a lecture given by the creator of the successful TVE series.

This conference was the first time the series had been discussed at a public event. Those present were Javier Olivares, screenwriter, executive producer and creator of the series; Anaïs Schaaff, screenwriter; and its director, Marc Vigil. Sadly, Pablo Olivares, the other series creator, who died before he could see his work in television, was missing.

The professor Ivan Gomez, coordinator of the Master, reviews the event:

What happened after the start of the session and during the next three hours was not planned. Instead of a friendly talk about the details of the TV show, they gave a true masterclass explaining bluntly and without holding back the secrets of their creation: a passion for their daily work, their defense of the integrity of the product. It was not anticipated that the class would last more than three hours or that the public would remain absolutely captivated and almost motionless, disarmed to a degree of emotional nakedness.

Following the introduction by the director of the master, Dr. Fernando de Felipe, the conversation was led by the writer Marcos Ordoñez, also professor of the master and declared «ministérico», who asked, commented and set the pace, like a great orchestral director. What began as a closing session with its ceremony and good intentions, ended up being an inquiry into the whys of creation.

A masterclass in which everything from production design, through videos about the technologies used in the series, to the direction of the actors, ended up fitting into a story of intellectual honesty where creation ended up being converted into real life. There are many stories within this story, and we are not referring to the plotlines and traumas of each episode. If you were not there, watch the video and judge for yourself.

«Ministerio del Tiempo» (The Ministry of Time) is not only different to other series because of its tone, gender and outcome, but because of the particular creative intention behind it. That is the story that the three guests so kindly shared with us at close range, with you.