«Interpreting the changes in communication», by Dr. Miquel de Moragas Spà

During the inauguration ceremony of masters and postgraduates, which took place in the Auditorium of Blanquerna FCRI, Dr. Miquel de Moragas was in charge of addressing issues that, within the field of communication, have long been of recurrent interest in the academic world, such as social networks and cyberspace.

Moragas devoted much of the lecture to emphasizing the importance of studying and interpreting the communicative phenomena that derive from the changes generated by technological development, and appropriated the figure of the «flaneur» to claim the need to observe culture and symbols as communication tools.

Taking advantage of the fact that the event was held in Barcelona, ​​Moragas wanted to remember the immense symbolic value of the city, where the accumulation of events and activities and cultural effervescence are one of the best scenarios to study communication. To take an example, he mentioned the case of F.C.Barcelona, ​​an institution that, based on local activity, has succeeded, thanks to the appropriate communicative strategy, to expand internationally and become a recognized value worldwide.