International Relations Students analyzes world challenges through the lens of the EU and Multinational Companies

During the academic year, students from the International Relations Degree explore how the point of view and approach to global affairs changes according to the needs and characteristics of each sector.

They do so, with the help of experts and professionals such as Ambassador Stefano Sannino (in the picture), Deputy Secretary General for Economic and Global Affairs of the European Union External Action Service (EEAS), who described the workings of the EEAS and elaborated on the geoeconomic and geopolitical challenges facing the EU. 

Also, Laura Tejera, Press Officer of the European Parliament Liaison Office in Barcelona addressed the role of the European Parliament and Special attention was paid by the Ambassador to the EU's contribution to multilateralisme. And, in november, professor Javier Albarracin gave a keynote speech to students from Seminar 3 on Introduction to International Relations and also to second year students on the role of Multinational Companies in the global arena.

The issue of peace 

Within the framework of the third year's course on International Organizations, students examined the relation between the furtherance on international peace and security and the participation in international affairs. Special attention is devoted to constructive arrangements for international participation as well to the obstacles impeding such participation. Interviews were held on these aspects with Michael van Walt van Praag, President of Kreddha-International Peace Action Council for States, Peoples and Minorities and Legal Advisor of the Dalai Lama; with Manel Manonelles, Advisor to the Department of the Presidency of the Generalitat de Catalunya; with Kate Sanderson, Foreign Policy Advisor to the Faroese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture and Yves Wantens, Delegate of the Flemish Government to the USA.