«Grandes Malabaristas» project wins a grant in Colombia

Tatiana Londoño and Daniel Gómez Restrepo, former students of the Master’s Degree in Film and Television Fiction. Production, Screenwriting and Filming, have won the Stories Regional Fund for Film Development in Colombia, in the «fiction short film» category.

Their project,«Grandes Malabaristas», has been developed on the master’s course directed by Dr. Fernando de Felipe and coordinated by Dr. Iván Gómez.

The project is based on a true story of Tatiana’s father, who worked as a child with his little brother washing graves in the cemetery. The characters in «Grandes Malabaristas» dream about going to the city circus, inviting the spectator to have fun and to reflect on forced labor in children in a context like Colombia's.

Londoño and Gómez work in 057 FILMS, a film production company founded by them when they finished the master’s degree at Blanquerna. This company plays an essential part in the filming of short films. They have been given a subsidy of 10.000 euros and the project will be filmed over the next few months.

“This was my final degree project, with which I obtained an honours qualification. I am very grateful to the professors and to my colleagues on the Master’s degree, who gave me their knowledge and guided me throughout the process”. Tatiana Londoño

“We want the public to watch the short film to have fun, remember their childhood dreams, but we also want to show one of Colombia’s biggest problems: forced labor in children. We think that these realities must be told and shown to the public, and cinema is the perfect tool to face up to these kinds of problems”. Daniel Gómez Restrepo