GCMWebinar: Messi, a global brand Ambassador?

New webinar organized by the Global Communication Management Degree: What does Messi generate beyond football? The dimension of the Argentine star has surpassed the boundaries of sport and his image, and many more areas, beyond the field of play.

To analyze the importance of the Barça crack we have brought together three experts to talk about it:

  • Ramon Besa, professor at the School and director of sports at El País Catalonia, renowned sports journalist at a national and international level.
  • Sara Canals, a former student of the School and journalist for the BBC in Paris, with an extensive career in the world of sports journalism at La Liga TV and Mediapro.
  • Josep Maria Picola, professor at the School and director of Dreiblau, a leading advertising agency in the sector.

If you want to know why Messi is more than a soccer player, don't miss "Messi: A global brand ambassador?"

enlightenedThe session will be through Google Meet.