First collaboration between Blanquerna-La Salle

The «Blockat» TFG, created by the alumni of the degree in Journalism and Corporate Communication, Janira Planes, Laura Martínez, Jordi Albaigès and Marçal Llimona has been developed in its technological aspect as the TFG of the studies of the Degree in Multimedia Engineering at La Salle by the student Xavier Hernández.

Blockat is a journalistic platform based on blockchain technology. Freelance journalists would publish content and readers, once registered, could access it through micropayments made with cryptocurrencies. In this way, the reader would not have to pay a subscription and could choose article by article  at the same time as the freelance journalist would be rewarded on the spot.

It should be noted that this is the first time that a collaboration between TFGs of different degrees and with other centers of the Ramon Llull University has taken place, thus enhancing the interdisciplinary vision of work in the professional world. This has been possible thanks to the impulse given from the MiLAB to support projects of the students of the Faculty.

On this occasion, the Blockat project clearly had an outstanding technological component based on the blockchain. Thus, MiLAB proposed to the academic direction of La Salle's engineering degrees the addition of the technical aspect in the form of a TFG, carried out by one of their students. Once the opportunity arose, the meeting of the students involved was encouraged with the accompaniment of professors from both institutions. This meeting allowed guidance of the development of the technological part of the project, which has recently been presented as a TFG by the La Salle multimedia engineering student.