Europe debate, at Blanquerna Conferences

MEP Ramon Jáuregui (PSOE) and former MP David Fernández (CUP), are some of the personalities who are visiting us during the Blanquerna Conferences, which this year which reflect on Europe, as we as Europeans are now facing major challenges and risks.

Brexit, immigration, Euro, extreme right anti-European, unemployment, social devaluation, Ukraine. We look for the same reasons Europe is the solution. Shared historical and cultural roots that have shaped us into who we are through music and poetry; political and economic ties as an entity that place us in a globalized world; values ​​and beliefs that we can push forward.

Monologue «The idea of ​​Europe»

MEP Ramon Jáuregui is offering the inaugural conference on 13 March at 9:30am in the School’s Auditorium: «Risks and hopes of Europe». It will be presented by the Vice Dean, Carme Basté.

You can check the schedule of the rest of the day, where there will be discussions on European musical identity, the refugee crisis, the crisis of the economic model and on the reasons why the extreme right-wing is winning.

This day will end with a monologue of actor Òscar Intente, with Ferran Martínez playing the accordion, based on the George Steiner’s text «The idea of ​​Europe».

Blanquerna Communication Award

On Tuesday 14, the former deputy of the CUP, David Fernández, and the director of the European Commission in Barcelona, ​​Ferran Tarradellas, will debate «the Europe that awaits young people».

At the same time, Oriol Junqueras, Vice President of the Government and Minister of Economy and Finance, will discuss «The Europe of wars and peace» with the historian Borja de Riquer in a panel moderated by professor Enric Calpena.

At 6.30pm Blanquerna Communication Award, voted by students and School staff, will be delivered to Rubén Wagensberg, head of the campaign «Casa nostra, casa vostra».

Poetry reading about Europe 

Finally, on the third day, there will be activities associated with each degree, such as short-film screenings, and we will raise the topic of the job market abroad.

There will be a wide participation of professionals (as invited guests) who graduated from the School and form part of the community of former students, Alumni.

At 6pm, in set 1, a Europe poetry reading by the actress and poet Estel Solé and the poet Josep Pedrals will take place. Both will read a selection of universal poetry about Europe with the musical accompaniment of Marc Egea on the hurdy-gurdy and Hans Laguna on the guitar. The Professor Oriol Izquierdo will be in charge of the selection and presentation .

Blanquerna Conferences began in 1995 with the aim of introducing students to the professional world through conferences, round tables and debates involving personalities from the academic, business and institutional world.