GCM Webinar: «Activism, grassroots movements and US elections»

On October 29th at 4pm CEST, the Emerson-Blanquerna Center for Global Communication is organizing a webinar about Activism, grassroots movements and US elections, with the participation of the independent consultant Betsy Reed and Gregory Payne, from Emerson College, moderated by professor Jaume Suau, coordinator of the Global Communication Management Degree.

The European Commission publishes a Rule of Law Report based on the Media Pluralism Monitor carried out by Digilab Research Group

The Media Pluralism Monitor 2020 (MPM2020) is a scientific and holistic effort to document the health of media ecosystems, detailing threats to media pluralism and freedom in European Union member states and some candidate countries.

Influencers y audiencias Millennial y Centennial, una investigación de Digilab

La Facultad de Comunicación y Relaciones Internacionales Blanquerna presenta los resultados de la investigación “Construcción de las identidades de género, valores y estereotipos juveniles en los social media: l@s influencers y las audiencias Millennial y Centennial”, en un novedoso formato de video en YouTube, dirigido sobre todo a la juventud.