David Simon received the Special Blanquerna Communication Award

In conjunction with Serielizados, the online magazine by former students of the School, the American journalist and writer David Simon received the Special Blanquerna Communication Award for "his contribution to the renewal of television fiction and audiovisual language ".

The Dean of our School, Josep Maria Carbonell, presented this award, which served as a prelude to the masterclass offered by Simon in an interview format, led by writer and filmmaker David TruebaSimon is the creator, executive producer and writer of the acclaimed HBO series, The Wire. He also created for HBO Generation Kill, Treme, and more recently, Show me a Hero.

With a full auditorium, Simon explained his professional journey from journalism to scriptwriting, where he has been for over fifteen years, finding the best way to explain his point of view: "I'm against the drug war, on that premise I wrote The Wire". He recommended students to read Anton Chekhov and encouraged them to maintain simplicity in their scripts: focus on what is basic and essential and not be carried away by the drama.

When David Trueba suggested making a version of The Wire "made in Spain", Simon replied that "in Spain there are many things to explain. Your Civil War and subsequent amnesia are transcendental in explaining the history of the twentieth century."