Data analysis: a digital talk with specialist Marc Argemí

The team of researchers and professors of the School have enjoyed an update session with Dr. Marc Argemí, director of Sibilare and specialist in data, communication, rumors and credibility.

Journalist and doctor from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Argemí has ​​experience in the monitoring of media and social networks, and also in the management of crisis of rumors and crisis of credibility in communication, subjects at the top of the agenda at present, both in the academic world and in professional consulting.

Organized by Blanquerna Research Institute, currently run by professor Marçal Sintes, Argemí dedicated the session to explain the work carried out in Sibilare and some of the tools that researchers can use, such as NetBase and Audiense, to analyze the conversations on social networks like Twitter.

In addition, the attendees were able to exchange views with Argemí about the bubbles and the oversized social phenomena that take place in the networks, and also about how to improve the criteria to collect data with more precision and how to define quality research proposals.